Friday, February 01, 2008

what will happen tomorrow? No one knows, So treasure your life, be happy.

saying to be happy is easy, but the process of actually achieving it is hard. Different people have different perspective of being happy, a poor family will be happy enough if they could just have their 3meals everyday, but the rich may not be contented with just 3meals. maybe 4/5 meals per day. ok thats talking cock... but the rich might wants more in their meals. maybe a glass of red wine? steak?

well pursue your happiness... easier said than done..hais....

Communication in a relation ship is damn important.

Was actually being said of like to find fault. but well, i just wanna point out the problems so that it won't happen next time as they are being noted.

Well, People have different perspectives, what i think may not be what u think , what u think may not be what i think. wtf am i talking? siao liao..
just summarize it all, you think that way, i think the other way, thats where the troubles surfaced.

So communicating is essential, to know where the problems lies and work on it!

Posted by b3r at 12:45 AM