Friday, February 29, 2008

If we had no winter,spring would not be so pleasant.if we did'nt sometimes taste of adversity,prosperity would not be so welcome.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Mei li shows me tis which i think its very true

Pinky says (10:49 PM):
And if you need me, you’d kiss me
Then tell me how you feel
And if you want me, you’d show me
That your love is for real
And if you love me
You’d hold me in your arms where I belong
So while I’m feeling strong

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After sometimes, i finally make up my mind..

An Sms. an return of another SMS. thats it. at least i know i've tried. i will leave with no regrets.

my friend told me. when a door of happiness is closed, we often waste a lot of time looking at the closed door, but never notice there are another door of happiness open for us.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mei li LOL

any way, meili showed me this blog

haha its really funny in view of all the edison's scandal~

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No expectation, no disappointment.

no expectation, no disappointment.

very true.

but what u expect of the other half might not be just what u want.

things are getting worse. i simply don't feel love from her. maybe it's because i am also doing the same like bo chup bo chup. But i m giving myself a time grace, i'll treat her very good, if things still stay the same, then i would leave with no regrets. She don't appreciate me , not me who don't treasure. she don't. hais

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Woooo CNY NEW Begining ~!

Just back Home.. very tired liao ..but still blog my feelings out ..well, She's called me @ ard 2am+
kinda happy that she called. but feeling kinda weird too.

And here some of my DIY hair DYE pics! SIBEI SWEE SIBO . Like Professional right ! !! zzz

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Inspired by Edison!?

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Been busy~

Been going out these few days, Went to KTV, went to a pub, went to Far East to have a hair cut and dye my hair, Went to a Chalet.. And tonight would be going over to Either Chun Dao he pang or chinatown as usual.
Keeping myself Busy is a nice thing. maybe keeping myself preoccupied with stuffs and stop me from thinking.
Maybe going out would make me realize that there are so such stuffs to do in life, so many things to see.

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Finale. I Hate Liar ! ! ! ! This is what i'm feeling right now...


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Saturday, February 02, 2008

After some times, i finally make up my mind..

During the beginning of a relationship, It will always be sweet. i try strive to maintain that sweetness but somethings just don't seems right.


maybe you're right, you have been alone for too long to be sensitive to others.
but 恋爱是两个人的事 牵手或分手 双方都有责任

ut think of it, you got a lot of stuffs to fan abt , maybe i'm just too self fish to think about myself rather then put in your shoes.

you rather online then returning my call. that shows how important i am. maybe being friends would be better, so i wont care so much.

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Friday, February 01, 2008


don't know why today feeling to blog sibei gao..

with the recent woo haaa abt edison ~~

heres a pic LOL

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Will We become SuperHUMAN?!

Accidental Discovery During Surgery Reverses Memory Loss

A "pacemaker" for the human brain might be on the horizon

A 50 year old man, dangerously obese, goes to the hospital for experimental brain surgery to suppress his appetite. A small piece of his skull is removed, and an electrical probe inserted deep into his brain tissue. It reaches his hypothalamus and current is switched on. Suddenly the patient -- awake through the procedure -- begins to speak uncontrollably about events in his past, events he had long forgotten. He remembers a day's walk in the park 30 years ago, complete with what people were wearing, all in vivid color. He sees them speaking to him, every motion they made. The intensity and level of detail of the memories is frightening.

The scene may read like the script of a bad science fiction flick but it comes from an unidentified patient at Ontario's Toronto Western Hospital. No one was more astonished than the man's doctors, who began to experiment further on him. Over the next few weeks, they continued testing. His ability to both learn and remember was substantially increased when the electrodes were turned on. Continuous stimulation also had a residual effect -- after the electrodes were off, there was still a slight benefit.

Professor Andreas Lozano, of the Neurosurgery Department of Toronto Western, led the research. He says the electrodes function like "turning up the volume" on the brain's memory circuits. "As we turned the current up, we first drove his memory circuits and improved his learning. As we increased the intensity, we got spontaneous memories of discrete events. At a certain intensity, he would slash to the [park scene]. When the intensity was increased further, he got more detail but, when the current was turned off, it rapidly decayed."

Lozano's previous research included stimulating certain portions of the brain to curb appetite. His research in that field earned him more than a few headlines in 2006.

The results were so successful the same technique is now being trialed on six Alzheimer's patients. Functioning like a "pacemaker for the brain," the treatment offers hope for the millions worldwide who suffer from the debilitating memory and cognitive losses caused by Alzheimer's.

The electrodes are connected by a cable that runs under the patient's skin, down the back of the neck to a battery pack implanted in the patient's chest. A constant low-level current stimulates the brain tissue, but is otherwise imperceptible to the patient.

The devices are the same as those already being used successfully as a treatment for Parkinson's disease, severe depression, and even chronic pain; all that varies is the exact segment of the brain where implantation occurs. In Parkinson's, for instance, the subthalamic nucleus is stimulated. Depression targets a small area of the cingulate cortex.

"This gives us new insight into which brain structures are involved in memory", says Professor Lozano.


More news of Lozano's research is expected to be announced later today to Canadian media.

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what will happen tomorrow? No one knows, So treasure your life, be happy.

saying to be happy is easy, but the process of actually achieving it is hard. Different people have different perspective of being happy, a poor family will be happy enough if they could just have their 3meals everyday, but the rich may not be contented with just 3meals. maybe 4/5 meals per day. ok thats talking cock... but the rich might wants more in their meals. maybe a glass of red wine? steak?

well pursue your happiness... easier said than done..hais....

Communication in a relation ship is damn important.

Was actually being said of like to find fault. but well, i just wanna point out the problems so that it won't happen next time as they are being noted.

Well, People have different perspectives, what i think may not be what u think , what u think may not be what i think. wtf am i talking? siao liao..
just summarize it all, you think that way, i think the other way, thats where the troubles surfaced.

So communicating is essential, to know where the problems lies and work on it!

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